Stillwater Haze is the brainchild of Canadian born Jasmine Vella and is described as

A retail space born through a love of all things Vintage’!

Jas has always been somewhat nostalgic and has forever dreamt of having a space that could reflect and showcase her love affair with vintage fashion and music. She grew up listening to her dad’s old records and going to concerts and festivals with him before she even started kindergarten; so it’s no surprise that she spent most of her 20’s travelling and living a somewhat ‘bohemian’ lifestyle, leading her to Australia and to establishing Stillwater Haze.

Jasmine’s fascination with fashion from the 60’s & 70’s especially, and the music and overall culture from those eras, has been the inspiration for most of what’s sold at Stillwater Haze, as well as the design of the shop space, which is nestled in the heart of a new creative hub in Central Wollongong known as ‘Central Chambers’.

Stillwater Haze specialises in high-quality, handpicked vintage, as well as re-worked/re-designed vintage, pre-loved ‘brand name’ garments, & trendy new brands from all over the world (predominantly America). What separates this shop from others selling similar items, is it’s variety of high-quality products at a fraction of the prices you’d pay for similar pieces at other retailers.

At Stillwater Haze we are determined that we won’t overcharge our customers (as is sadly the case with many other vintage retailers) & we will always ensure that garments are priced according to their initial purchase price. Our goal is to create a space where we ourselves enjoying shopping, & a place where our friends & neighbours feel at home & excited about the overall shopping experience!

Although situated in the middle of Crown Street Mall in Wollongong NSW, Stillwater Haze is slightly off the beaten track as all shops in Central Chambers are located on the second & third floors of the building and are only accessed by two (somewhat hidden) staircases.  The beauty in that however, is that we’re in our own little world up there & for that reason we can play our records as LOUD as we want & keep our shops OPEN as LATE as we’d like!

Central Chambers includes a record store, art gallery, trendy boutiques, a quirky giftshop, an old-school barber, an environmentalist group & many more creative outlets. (An amazing space filled with incredible people!)

We stock Vintage, Pre-loved, NEW & Re-worked Vintage clothing, jewellery, accessories, & homewares for men & women.

Our shop front is open various hours so always check Facebook or Instagram to see when we’re open, & items can also be purchased off of our Etsy store: 

Stillwater Haze“.

Thanks for the interest & please join us for the ride! xx 

☮ ♥


The shopspace located in Central Chambers was closed in March 2015 (please read “blog” for more details). Stillwater Haze items are now being sold in a new shop “Wandering Merchants”, located on Victoria Street in Wollongong. 🙂