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“It’s a New Dawn, It’s a New Day, It’s a New Life, for Stillwater Haze!”

Well despite our best efforts to keep the shop going, the decision was made to close up in March and focus on the next step in life (whatever that was going to be lol). But as we always say, when one door closes, another one opens!…& that’s exactly what happened for us here at Stillwater Haze!

Just as we announced we were planning on closing, but that we’d be keeping all our stock & selling online and at markets, a gorgeous couple walked into the shop & announced that they were opening a vintage shop just a few blocks away & that they wanted us to be involved! 🙂 They knew we had loads of great stuff but that we weren’t able to work on selling it full-time, so they asked us to be a stockist! It couldn’t have come at a better time, & although it was absolute mayhem getting the shop closed, the space changed over to the new renters, & setting up the new space; it’s been the best decision we ever made!!

“Wandering Merchants” is the new shop where Stillwater Haze goods are sold & it’s owned and run by two beautiful souls, Lavinia & James.  It’s located at 9 Victoria Street in Wollongong NSW & they have all sorts of vintage goodies available (as well as an entire section devoted to Stillwater Haze! ;))


Where do we go from here?

We think it’s about time we gave our faithful customers a bit of an update on what’s happening with the shop. We wish we could’ve let you know sooner, but we honestly haven’t had a clue ourselves! lol So all I can say is we’ve done our best!

We know many of you have been confused & wondering why we’re still not open set hours & why we’ve been open some days/weeks but not others. The truth of the matter is, we’ve taken help from friends where we could (who’ve graciously given up their time to open the shop here & there) but Jas (the owner) has been told by her doctors that she’s still not fit to go back to work on any set schedule. After massive spinal surgery and then a really bad car accident 2 months later, she has to focus 100% on her recovery. Some days are better than others & she can open the shop for a few hours, but until her health is more stable, she really can’t guarantee any specific days or times to be open. (& as much as we’d love to, we can’t afford to hire any permanent staff at this time.) 😦

We know it’s been frustrating for some people but we’ve done our best to be open whenever we could & we’ve always posted those days & hours on our social media pages. We’ve also offered to open the shop specifically for individuals at their personal request. So we’ve truly done everything we could under the given circumstances (which we thought was better than just closing the shop for good).

So where are we going from here?? Well, that’s still a question we’re asking ourselves unfortunately. We’re hoping to make some big moves in the next few months that will help us to have the shop open more often & with SET HOURS!! (which we know is the top priority) But we’re also considering selling Stillwater Haze in its entirety; so that someone with the time, energy, & HEALTH; can really give the shop the time & love that it deserves. (Any expressions of interest can be sent to

So all in all, we’ve been given BUCKETS of lemons, tried to make lemonade…but so far only ended up with some sort of bitter tasting juice! hahaha

We’re hoping 2015 is a better year for Stillwater Haze, but we can’t make any promises or guarantees. All we can do is continue to be honest, & say THANKS SO MUCH to all those who’ve stuck by us!!


When Life Gives you Lemons

So for many of you who know the Stillwater Haze crew personally, you know the ups and downs that we’ve had to face since this whole vintage dream began. There’s been the busted feet, the visa problems, the issues with customs, the never-ending health concerns, the CROWN STREET MALL CONSTRUCTION!!!, the loss of incredible staff members (heading off to spread their wings), etc., etc., etc. Well it seems that unfortunately for us, we have another hurdle to overcome.

Owner and creator Jasmine Vella has been diagnosed with a serious spine issue requiring surgery on her neck ASAP. The road to recovery will be long and hard, therefore Stillwater Haze will have to stay closed until she’s well enough to work again. BUT, she will be back!!! & Hopefully in time for summer! 😉

 There are a few members of the Stillwater Haze family that can open the shop for people to pick up laybys or for special requests so feel free to email with those requests and we will organise a date and time to open for you. We TRULY value our customers and will do everything possible to accommodate you.

 Thanks so much for staying devoted to us through all the hard times…they say nothing worth having in life is ever easy! 🙂



Rock ‘n’ Vintage Roll Festival

We had soooo much fun at the “Rock ‘n’ Vintage Roll” Festival in Thirroul yesterday!! It was a scorching hot day (we may have gotten a tad burnt lol) but we fully enjoyed it and can’t wait to do it again!


Our good friends over at Yours & Owls offered us some tickets to head along to see Stonefield, as well as give away some free tickets to our lovely customers. Amy went along to the gig (the night before an exam mind you) to check out the girls and their fashion.

We loved every bit of their style! The guitarist was in some amazing paisley flares (pictured below), teamed with a basic black tee and a beautiful shell choker.

The bass player had on a DOORS shirt (one of our absolute faves!) with cut off shorts, patterned stockings and western boots.

We loved the lead singer/drummers outfit – a paisley button up, acid-wash cut offs, a leather cowgirl belt and heeled boots.

Of course the keyboardist followed suit in her vintage style velvet shawl, high-waisted maxi dress, and deep dark purple lipstick.

All the girls sported 70’s style long luscious locks.

Here’s a couple of snaps we took…..



The Farmer & The Owl


Here at Stillwater Haze we LOVE all things related to music and so it’s only natural that we involve ourselves in the best musical event to hit Wollongong in ages, The Farmer & The Owl.

FARMERupdated poster

Music Farmers and Yours & Owls have collaborated to create The Farmer & The Owl, an annual independent music and arts festival taking place in Wollongong NSW. The festival will feature live bands on indoor and outdoor stages, art installations, food stalls and an indie label market! It’s all happening on November 23rd and Stillwater Haze is ECSTATIC to announce that we will be a part of that indie label market selling our amazing vintage goods to festival goers!!

We’ll also be selling tickets to the festival in-store!!! Just $55 will get you a huge day of music, art and overall good times.

The festival is hosting an array of FANTASTIC bands and is the most anticipated event to hit our lovely little city in a long time so we are SUPER-DUPER excited to be a part of it!

THE DRONES (yes The DRONES!!!!!) will be headlining, and after Harvest Festival being cancelled it will be one of their only festival appearances this year. (They’re SO incredible that our staff here is already fighting over who will get to go and watch their set and who will have to hold fort at the stall and the shop! haha)


Another incredible band on the line-up that we love is local band SHINING BIRD!! We’ve followed them since the beginning & if you’ve been in the shop lately, you would’ve noticed that we’ve been spinning their new album constantly! (It’s amazing!)


Of course we won’t miss THE WALKING WHO, another local band who are friends of ours and who always put on a top performance! Not only do we love their music, but their style on stage is classic Stillwater Haze, with the boys sporting felt hats, long hair and heaps of denim. That’s what rock & roll and Stillwater Haze are all about! 😉

More bands that we simply can’t miss include THE LAURELS, DAY RAVIES, DAPPLED CITIES, LOS TONES and HARMONY (just to name a few) and good mates of ours from Wollongong NUNS, are slowly making waves around town and will surely be one of the bands on the line-up to keep an eye on. (We’ll be front and centre for their set for sure!)

We could go on forever about all the amazing bands on the line-up but we’ll let you check them out for yourself on the 23rd of November at The farmer & the Owl!

The line-up also includes: Glass Towers, Surf City, Machine Translations, Mother & Son, Treatment, Trust Punks, You Beauty, D’Luna, Nuclear Family and Scarborough.

Stillwater Haze is so stoked to be a part of The Farmer & The Owl! More details on the indie market, art installations, acoustic artists, DJ’s and further festival announcements will be announced next month so keep your eyes peeled for more details.

Click the poster at the top to go through to the festival site and read more about all the artists and get the latest news for what is sure to be one of the best things to happen to the music & arts scene in the Illawara!


We Carry On!

Here at Stillwater Haze, even when things seem impossible, we carry on!

Finding out that our lovely leader (Jasmine) would have to leave the country for 8 months was a bit stressful and nearly resulted in having to close the shop, but with the help of good friends (and the use of the worldwide web), we devised a plan!

The devotion and trust Jas felt from employees Pip & Amy (who are also good friends) have allowed her to venture overseas leaving the duo with the BIG responsibility of not letting the store burn down or fall apart while she’s away…So far, so good! 😉

As our online presence increases, our Etsy store listings are becoming more frequent, and more items are available for purchase through Instagram and Facebook; meaning that even though the shop is only open 3 days a week in Jas’ absence, our faithful customers can still shop Vintage until their heart’s content.

You will find us in-store Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays listening to our favourite vinyl, drinking tea and playing dress ups! This is where we love to see the faces of our customers and host them in the amazing space that is Stillwater Haze.

This blog will follow our passion and love for all things vintage. Whether it be fashion, music or what we’re up to in general, we’d like to think you can come here for inspiration and a good read.

We’ll try to have posts from different countries and cities taking you along with us on our travels while we hunt for amazing vintage wares; and we’ll keep you posted on whatever festivals & gigs we’re heading to both in OZ and overseas. When we aren’t lucky enough to be frolicking around the world, we’ll let you know what fun stuff we’re up to in Wollongong (like our in-store photo shoots with the legendary Stillwater Haze models!) 😉

This is just the beginning for us at Stillwater Haze so please join us on our journey!

“Though the road’s been rocky, it sure feels good to me” –Bob Marley


The faces behind Stillwater Haze –



The amazing space we spend our days in……