Where do we go from here?

by stillwaterhaze

We think it’s about time we gave our faithful customers a bit of an update on what’s happening with the shop. We wish we could’ve let you know sooner, but we honestly haven’t had a clue ourselves! lol So all I can say is we’ve done our best!

We know many of you have been confused & wondering why we’re still not open set hours & why we’ve been open some days/weeks but not others. The truth of the matter is, we’ve taken help from friends where we could (who’ve graciously given up their time to open the shop here & there) but Jas (the owner) has been told by her doctors that she’s still not fit to go back to work on any set schedule. After massive spinal surgery and then a really bad car accident 2 months later, she has to focus 100% on her recovery. Some days are better than others & she can open the shop for a few hours, but until her health is more stable, she really can’t guarantee any specific days or times to be open. (& as much as we’d love to, we can’t afford to hire any permanent staff at this time.) 😦

We know it’s been frustrating for some people but we’ve done our best to be open whenever we could & we’ve always posted those days & hours on our social media pages. We’ve also offered to open the shop specifically for individuals at their personal request. So we’ve truly done everything we could under the given circumstances (which we thought was better than just closing the shop for good).

So where are we going from here?? Well, that’s still a question we’re asking ourselves unfortunately. We’re hoping to make some big moves in the next few months that will help us to have the shop open more often & with SET HOURS!! (which we know is the top priority) But we’re also considering selling Stillwater Haze in its entirety; so that someone with the time, energy, & HEALTH; can really give the shop the time & love that it deserves. (Any expressions of interest can be sent to info@stillwaterhaze.com.au)

So all in all, we’ve been given BUCKETS of lemons, tried to make lemonade…but so far only ended up with some sort of bitter tasting juice! hahaha

We’re hoping 2015 is a better year for Stillwater Haze, but we can’t make any promises or guarantees. All we can do is continue to be honest, & say THANKS SO MUCH to all those who’ve stuck by us!!