When Life Gives you Lemons

by stillwaterhaze

So for many of you who know the Stillwater Haze crew personally, you know the ups and downs that we’ve had to face since this whole vintage dream began. There’s been the busted feet, the visa problems, the issues with customs, the never-ending health concerns, the CROWN STREET MALL CONSTRUCTION!!!, the loss of incredible staff members (heading off to spread their wings), etc., etc., etc. Well it seems that unfortunately for us, we have another hurdle to overcome.

Owner and creator Jasmine Vella has been diagnosed with a serious spine issue requiring surgery on her neck ASAP. The road to recovery will be long and hard, therefore Stillwater Haze will have to stay closed until she’s well enough to work again. BUT, she will be back!!! & Hopefully in time for summer! 😉

 There are a few members of the Stillwater Haze family that can open the shop for people to pick up laybys or for special requests so feel free to email info@stillwaterhaze.com.au with those requests and we will organise a date and time to open for you. We TRULY value our customers and will do everything possible to accommodate you.

 Thanks so much for staying devoted to us through all the hard times…they say nothing worth having in life is ever easy! 🙂