We Carry On!

by stillwaterhaze

Here at Stillwater Haze, even when things seem impossible, we carry on!

Finding out that our lovely leader (Jasmine) would have to leave the country for 8 months was a bit stressful and nearly resulted in having to close the shop, but with the help of good friends (and the use of the worldwide web), we devised a plan!

The devotion and trust Jas felt from employees Pip & Amy (who are also good friends) have allowed her to venture overseas leaving the duo with the BIG responsibility of not letting the store burn down or fall apart while she’s away…So far, so good! 😉

As our online presence increases, our Etsy store listings are becoming more frequent, and more items are available for purchase through Instagram and Facebook; meaning that even though the shop is only open 3 days a week in Jas’ absence, our faithful customers can still shop Vintage until their heart’s content.

You will find us in-store Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays listening to our favourite vinyl, drinking tea and playing dress ups! This is where we love to see the faces of our customers and host them in the amazing space that is Stillwater Haze.

This blog will follow our passion and love for all things vintage. Whether it be fashion, music or what we’re up to in general, we’d like to think you can come here for inspiration and a good read.

We’ll try to have posts from different countries and cities taking you along with us on our travels while we hunt for amazing vintage wares; and we’ll keep you posted on whatever festivals & gigs we’re heading to both in OZ and overseas. When we aren’t lucky enough to be frolicking around the world, we’ll let you know what fun stuff we’re up to in Wollongong (like our in-store photo shoots with the legendary Stillwater Haze models!) 😉

This is just the beginning for us at Stillwater Haze so please join us on our journey!

“Though the road’s been rocky, it sure feels good to me” –Bob Marley


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